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The Seventh International Conference on Concept Mapping

The Seventh International Conference on Concept Mapping will take place in Tallinn, Estonia from Sept 5-9, 2016, and will include a cruise trip to Stockholm, Sweden as part of the conference.
CMC2016 follows on the success of the first six Conferences held in Pamplona (Spain), San José (Costa Rica), Tallinn (Estonia)/Helsinki (Finland), Viña del Mar (Chile), Valletta (Malta) and Santos (Brazil) in bringing together scholars and practitioners interested in concept mapping. It is being organized by Tallinn University,  the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, USA, and the Concept Mapping Academy, Estonia. (Follow these links for the Academic Program and links to papers from cmc2004cmc2006cmc2008, cmc2010cmc2012 and cmc2014. All Proceedings can be downloaded from the CMC Proceedings Page).
The Conference is aimed at all persons interested in the use of concept maps (based on the work of Dr. Joseph Novak), including, but not limited to: facilitation of learning; eliciting, capturing, archiving, and using “expert” knowledge; planning instruction; assessment of “deep” understandings; research planning; collaborative knowledge modeling; creation of “knowledge portfolios”; curriculum design; eLearning, and administrative and strategic planning and monitoring. We expect participants from a broad range of fields presenting a wide variety of research and applications of concept mapping. All presentations at the conference are expected to include time for questions, answers, and scholarly discussion.

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