sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2018

Games-based learning research

Topics for research, studies, proposals, articles ....
  • Digital Game Design and Learning,
  • Role Playing Games,
  • Game-based Learning and Digital Competence,
  • Digital Literacy,
  • Digital Games and Storytelling,
  • Integration of Digital Games and Learning Content,
  • Digital Games in eLearning Environments,
  • Digital Games as Motivational Drivers,
  • Simulation and Gaming,
  • Digital Games and Virtual Reality,
  • Teachers’ Perspectives on Digital Games for Learning,
  • Game Developers Perspectives on Digital Games for Learning,
  • Digital Game Development and Entrepreneurship,
  • Practical Guides to Engaging with Digital Games for Learning,
  • Digital Games and People with Disabilities,
  • Current Uses and Emergent Trends in DGBL
  • Revisiting Games as Inter/Multidisciplinary subject
  • Gaming as Media
  • Representation in Games
  • Playfulness and the Medium of Games (Why/Not so Serious…?)
  • Building games
  • Pedagogical practice and gaming
  • Game design/development/theory – the un/holy? trinity
  • Changes in gaming culture
  • After the Storm (post gamergate theory)
  • Games production as critical medium
  • eSports theory